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Frequently, we get feedback from customers, and we love it. Do you have something to add?

“I ordered a combo pastrami/corned beef sandwich on toasted rye, and just about found religion.”

“This place is awesome I love Uncle Harry’s.” 

“If you feel a cold or flu coming on, you’d better hover over a vat of it asap-a rarity on the east side!!” 

“Betty’s Twin Special with Swiss cheese – I added mustard to it and it was excellent.” 

“The real deal!  There is nothing on the east side of town that even comes close to Uncle Harry’s for an authentic deli experience.  Their pastrami and Reubens are awesome, piled high on rye. The meats are great quality.  I love their potato salad as well.  Huge menu with lots of choices and different soups every day.  The decor is right out of the 70s with paneling on the walls filled with family photos.  Be sure to say hi to Rick Meltzer, the owner…he is usually behind the counter tending to everything.  Highly recommended!” 

“I love this place. Delicious sandwiches, banging cabbage soup, awesomely kosher sodas, magnificent corned beef & more.  The best part is it really seems like they care about every order.”

“Best Matzo Ball soup EVER! Sandwiches are plentiful & very tasty. You can’t go wrong at Uncle Harry’s!” 

“Absolutely my favorite small-town sandwich shop! Rick is the best! He makes you feel like family, and the walls prove it- with dozens of family photos, you feel right at home!”

“I love the matzo soup and French onion. All the sandwiches are great on fresh bread. Number 9 is one of my favorites and the veggie Reuben. Rick and Melissa couldn’t be any nicer. Let’s you stay as long as you want . Almost forgot their fantastic chocolate and coconut cream pie. A must stop if you are on Mack Ave.”

“Favorite Deli… The matzo ball soup is a food group all by itself. I’m well traveled and best I’ve ever had. The number 3 sandwich is unbelievable. This family owned place is my favorite deli in the Detroit area! It’s rich in flavor and family pride.”

“Like a deli should be. Full blast menu and fab staff. What are you waiting for? Go now!”

“The potato latkes, corned beef, cheese blintzes are all amazing.”

“Just had the best Ruben and soup a girl could ask for! I also really loved the atmosphere. It was inviting and homey with good conversation. I’ll be sure to figure out how to get this food shipped from here to new York one way or another. 

“We have been coming here for more years than I care to admit. Best deli on the East side hands down.”

“I grew up in this place, the owners were like a second family to me when I was a kid. To this day nothing makes me more nostalgic than a bowl of Matzo Ball Soup. Also, the Reuben sandwich has ruined forever for me, I can’t eat them anywhere other than Uncle Harry’s, nowhere else compares.”

“My dad always told me Uncle Harry’s has had the best sandwiches for many years, and he is right! There is no other place like it.”

“Best Jewish deli ever! Grew up going here and have always loved their Matzo ball soup!”

“Never disappointed…always satisfied…an East side mainstay.”

“Awesome atmosphere, Great serve and the deli sandwiches are the best around!”

“Love this place. Rick has the ability to bring amazing traditional deli to the plate day in and day out. His Daddy taught him well and he has surpassed his fathers talents. Only true deli on the east side.”

“Absolutely, hands down, the best corned beef anywhere! I’ve been eating here since I was a child, consistently great food! Wonderful service too!”

“Absolutely love this place. I cannot find a flaw in anything I’ve had here. Love the cheese Blintz and every sandwich I’ve tried.”